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Мёртвый космос 2) компьютерная игра, шутер от третьего лица в жанре survival horror, продолжение оригинальной игры dead space, созданная студией visceral games и выпущенная издателем electronic arts в. Инженера айзека кларка ждут новые леденящие кровь приключения в продолжении завоевавшей признание критиков игры dead space. In dead space 2, you join isaac clarke, the systems engineer from dead space, as he wakes up three years after the horrific events on the usg ishimura. The ishimura was a planetcracker-class starship besieged by grotesque reanimations of its dead crew, known as necromorphs. Dead space 2 is a science fiction survival horror video game, developed by visceral games and published by electronic arts for microsoft windows, playstation 3 and xbox 360, released in january 2011. Set three years after the events of the first game, the game follows protagonist isaac clarkes fight against a new necromorph outbreak on the sprawl, a space station surrounding a shard of saturn. Dead space 2 продолжение первой части фантастического шутера от третьего лица в жанре survival horror. Игра вышла на платформах playstation 3, xbox 360 и пк. Dead space 2 поступил в продажу года в северной америке, 26-28 января в россии. Dead space 2 takes place three years after the events of dead space, in 2511. Following his nightmarish encounter on the usg ishimura, former engineer isaac clarke arrives on the sprawl, a civilian space station built on the remains of saturns moon, titan, which was broken into pieces in a planet-cracking operation. Dead space 2 with gunner wright, tanya clarke, sonita henry, curt cornelius


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